The month of October is food month at the library.  We will be having special events during the month of October such as a reading program for children, “Reading is so Delicious” and our “Food for Fines” food drive to help the Dwight Food Pantry.  Also during this month, we are holding the “Great Pringle Family Challenge”.  Here is how to begin your challenge………

  • Pick up a single Pringle chip from the Prairie Creek Public Library between October 17th – 19th.
  • The object is to package your Pringle so that it can survive two days in our outside book drop.  We will mark the packages each day and remove them after two days.
  • Each family is limited to (1) one Pringle.
  • Your name must be on the package you submit.
  • The Pringle must be packaged and placed in the outside book drop No Later than Wednesday evening, October 19th.
  • The Pringle may not be altered in any way.
  • You may use any packaging you feel will protect your chip.
  • Boxes or packages must fit into the outside book drop.
  • The family whose chip remains completely intact will be the winners.  Winners will be announced on Friday, October 21st.