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How Long is my Library card good for?2016-02-11T14:39:03-06:00

Library cards are valid for three years from the date issued.  Non-Resident cards are good for one year from the date the card is issued.  Reciprocal Borrowers will have the same expiration date as the date issued from their home library.


How do I place a hold?2016-12-18T08:46:00-06:00

There are several ways to place a hold.

  1. Call the library at 815-584-3061.
  2. Come to the library in person.  The library is located at 501 Carriage House Lane.  The library staff will then assist you in placing your hold.
  3. You may place a hold by using our online access catalog.  Please follow the steps below.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the library at (815) 584-3061.
  4. On our website, click on the “Catalog Search” link located under the Library Services tab.
  5. In the upper right hand corner, click on the “login”.
  6. The Username is your library barcode – including the letter “B”. (ex:  B85500012345)
  7. The Password is your last name – all lowercase letters.  (ex: prairie)
  8. Once you have successfully signed on, you can click on “My Info”.  This will enable you to place a hold on an item.
How do I get a library card?2016-12-18T08:46:00-06:00

If you are a resident of Dwight and are 18 years of age or older, you can get a library card by following these three easy steps:
Library Card

1. Come to the Prairie Creek Public Library located at 501 Carriage House Lane in Dwight, IL.

2.  Complete the library card application.

3.  You will need a Photo ID along with two pieces of mail showing your current Dwight address.  This mail must show your name and address – it cannot read “Current Resident”.


How do I get a card if I am under the age of 18?

If you are a resident of Dwight and are under the age of 18, you can get a library card by following these three easy steps.

1.  You must be accompanied by a Parent/Legal Guardian.

2.  Have your parent or legal guardian complete the library card application.

3.  If your parent/legal guardian does not have a Prairie Creek Public Library card, they will need to show a Photo ID and two pieces of mail showing your current Dwight address.
NOTE:  Your parent or guardian must sign the library card application which states that they will be responsible for any fines or lost materials on your card.

How do I get a new card if mine is lost or stolen?

If you have lost or misplaced your library card, you may get a replacement card.  In order to get a replacement card, you will need to verify your name and current mailing address.  If this is the first replacement card, the cost is $1.00.  The cost for the second replacement card will be $2.00 and so forth.

How long can I keep materials?2016-02-11T17:16:22-06:00

Lending periods for materials are as follows:

  • Books are loaned for four weeks.  Books may renewed one time.
  • Audio books and Playaways are loaned for four weeks.  These may be renewed once.
  • DVD’s are loaned for 2 days.  DVD’s may be renewed once.
  • Magazines are loaned for 14 days.  Magazines may be renewed once.
  • Interlibrary loan items are loaned and renewed at the direction of the lending library.  We do not have the authority to renew without lending library’s approval.
How many materials can I checkout?2016-02-15T12:37:18-06:00

You may have a total of 20 items on your card at any given time.  This is a total number which means that movies, books, etc are included in this number.

** You may only check out 6 movies  PER HOUSEHOLD – not per card holder.  If there are multiple    family units residing at one address then the total number of movies that can be checked out is 6.



Can I still checkout items if I have books that are overdue (late being returned)?2016-12-18T08:46:00-06:00

You cannot checkout new items if you have items that are overdue.  If you have overdue items, you are within the 5 day grace period, and a fine has not been added to your account,  you may renew them.  Renewing items allows you check it out for an additional 4 weeks.  You may only renew items once.  You cannot renew an item if another person has a hold on it.


**DVD’s are an exception to this.  You will be  charged $1.00 per movie/per day the items are late.  Your account is blocked until your fine is paid.  There is no grace period on DVD’s.

Can I still checkout items if I have fines or fees?2016-02-15T12:43:54-06:00

Once a fine has been added to your account, your account is blocked.  You may not check out new items or use the patron computers until your fine is cared for.

How much are fines?2016-02-15T12:51:26-06:00

Fines for books, magazines, audio books & playaways is $.10 per day/per item after a 5 day grace period.

Fines for DVD’s is $1.00 per day/per movie.  There is no grace period for DVD’s – fines begin the first day they are late.

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