• I’m not Sleepy by Jane Chapman



  • Bring Me a Rock! by Daniel Miyares



  • A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff
  • Mice of the Round Table: A Tail of Camelot by Julie Leung



  • 12 Epic Rescues by Samantha S. Bell
  • 12 Amazing Animal Feats by Samantha S. Bell
  • Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, and Digital Animation by Michael Centore
  • E-Cigarettes and Their Dangers by Kari A. Cornell
  • Gadgets and Devices by Mason Crest
  • Twitter by Craig Ellenport
  • Navigation from Then to Now by Rachel Grack
  • Automobiles from Then to Now by Rachel Grack
  • Wireless Technology from Then to Now by Rachel Grack
  • Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla by Samantha Green
  • Fake News and the Factories that Make it by Kristina Lyn Heitkamp
  • Exploring Countries: Croatia by Jennifer Howse
  • Understanding Memes and Internet Satire by Jeff Mapua
  • Exploring Countries: Iceland by Tamra B. Orr
  • Inside the Secret Service by Louise Spilsbury
  • Inside the CIA by Louise Spilsbury
  • Inside the FBI by Louise Spilsbury
  • Ninja by Gail Terp
  • Knights by Gail Terp
  • Gladiators by Gail Terp
  • Exploring Controlled Investigations through Science Research Projects by Angie Timmons
  • Engineering Marvels: Fighter Jets by Marne Ventura


  • Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Ross by Dave Pilkey