• Thomas Edison by Czeena Devera
  • Look and Find: Jurassic World
  • Look and Find: Toy Story 4
  • George Washington Carver by Katie Marsico


  • Purrmaids: Quest for Clean Water by Sudipta Bardham-Quallen
  • Out of Place by Jennifer Blecher
  • Restart by Gordon Korman
  • Survivor Girl by Erin Teagan


  • The Most Influential Female Writers by Anne Cunningham
  • The Islamic Caliphate by Carolyn DeCarlo
  • How Wi-Fi Works by A.S. Gintzler
  • Toys Then and Now by Nadia Higgins
  • How Bluetooth Works by Avery Elizabeth Hurt
  • Saving the Gray Wolf by Karen Latchana Kenney
  • Saving the Gray Whale by Karen Latchana Kenney
  • How the Irish Immigrants Made America Home by Sean Heather K. McGraw
  • How I Move by Ruth Owen
  • Code Breakers and Spies of World War II by Cathleen Small
  • Staying Safe Online by Kristine Spanier
  • Janice VanCleave’s Crazy, Kooky, and Quirky Earth Science Experiments by Janice VanCleave