Prairie Creek Public Library

501 Carriage House Lane

Dwight, IL  60420

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

June 9, 2020

 7:00 P.M..

 In order to protect our community and limit the spread of COVID-19, the public can listen to the audio proceedings of the monthly board of trustees meeting which is taking place virtually.  Below is the link to join the audio. In lieu of providing public comment in person or by phone, members of the public may send statements to the Library Director at

Please be aware that comments sent to the Library will be read individually.

You can access the meeting by calling:

(312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 833 6384 9981

Password: 013469

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of May Budget Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Approval of May 2020 Minutes
  • Approval of May 2020 Treasurer’s Report
  • Librarian’s Report for May 2020
  • Public Comment
  • Presentation of interested persons for appointment of vacant trustee seat.

Old Business:

  • Discuss and make final decision on smart thermostats
  • Discuss and take action regarding approved signers and actions for new accounts through Bank of Pontiac
  • Discuss current closure and possible re-open date

New Business:

  • Discuss and approve Ordinance 2020-02 Library Closure/Holiday Dates
  • Discuss and approve Ordinance 2020-03 Library Board Meeting Dates
  • Discuss and tentatively approve Ordinance 2020-04 Annual Budget and Appropriation Ordinance.
  • Discuss and approve the Non-Resident Fee for FY2020-2021.
  • Discuss and approve the FY2020-2021 Illinet/OCLC Service Fee.
  • Discuss and approve the renewal HR Source membership for FY2020-2021.
  • Approval and vote for closed meeting minutes from previous six months to remain sealed.


    Next Regular Meeting:  Tuesday, July 14, 2020