Leslie Goddard, who presents History Lectures and Living-History Portrayals, will be presenting the program, “Remembering Route 66”.

“The name evokes images of gas stations, mom-and-pop motels, quirky attractions, and adventure on the open road.  In this nostalgia-packed lecture, Leslie Goddard, PH.D., explores the history of Route 66, the iconic road that linked Chicago to Lost  Angeles from 1926 until its closing in the mid-1980’s.  Learn why Route 66 remains so indelibly associated with the lore of the American road trip.  What was Route 66 like at its pinnacle – and what is it today?

If you are interested in attending this event, you may register by calling the Library at (815) 584-3061.

501 Carriage House Lane, Dwight, IL