Prairie Creek Public Library

501 Carriage House Lane

Dwight, IL  60420

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

June 11, 2019

7:00 P.M.

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes for May 2019
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report for May 2019
  • Librarian’s Report for May 2019
  • Public Comment


  • Discussion and vote on revised Meeting Room policy


  • Contract discussion for landscaping quote from Krug’s Landscaping / approve one of the landscaping quotes submitted
  • Approve Tentative 2019-2020 Budget & Appropriation Ordinance 2019-04
  • Approve Ordinance 2019-03 Board of Trustee Meeting Dates
  • Approve Ordinance 2019-02 Holidays and Closing Dates
  • Approve FY 2019-2020 NonResident rate
  • Approve FY2019-2020 ILLINET/OCLC Service fee
  • Approve to remove Janet N. & Janet D. from bank accounts/discussion and

approval of addition of newly appointed trustees to accounts

  • Approval and vote for closed meeting minutes to remain sealed
  • Discuss and possibly approve quote submitted by Edelman Electric for A/C repairs
  • Approval to purchase (2) end boards for downstairs nonfiction shelving units


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, July 9,  2019